Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Appeals Court Rules on Hold Periods

March 25, 2010 -- San Francisco -- First District Court of Appeal is the first to interpret a 1998 California law that increased the required hold period for animals/pets impounded at public and private shelters from the pre-1998 requirement that they be held for only 72 hours.

California law [31108] states that shelters are required to hold strays a minimum of 4 business days if they are open at least one weekend day or a minimum of 6 business days if only open on weekdays. Contra Costa Animal Services keeps two shelters open Tuesday through Saturday and was counting Saturday as a business day when deciding how long to hold a stray dog for possible owner redemption or adoption. The appeals court disagreed and said only weekdays can be considered business days under law.

The SFGate Article

The Appeals Court Ruling


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