Friday, March 05, 2010

San Diego Humane - Merger Raises Questions

The Coast News - Oceanside North County Humane and San Diego Humane merger raises questions and concerns.
The Coast News reports that 45 dogs evaluated and approved for adoption prior to the merger were transferred to the San Diego facility for re-evaluation and 5 of them were euthanized.

Laura Maloney (Senior Vice President of strategic initiatives and communication for the San Diego Humane Society) stated that out of 45 animals from the Oceanside site that were re-evaluated by San Diego Humane, five were euthanized because of concerns for the community. Behavior assessment proved the dogs to be a potential danger to people or a significant danger to animals.

The Coast News also reported that San Diego Humane and North County Humane use the same medical and behavior assessments for animals but comments from a reader stated that the two facilities did not use the same behavior or medical evaluations.

The SAFER test was used at North County Humane

Behavior assessment at San Diego Humane (Gaines Campus) is one of their own design.

Note: Maloney did not elaborate on what the potential danger would be to people or what species of animal (cats?) these dogs might be a significant danger to.


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