Saturday, March 13, 2010

San Diego Humane - Confidential Talks with HS

North County Times

Shelter critics are in talks with San Diego Humane Society but details of the talks are confidential. Elaine Godzak, a former volunteer with the Oceanside North County Humane Society, was at the meeting and is cautiously optimistic but is not ruling out the potential of going to court in the future.

One of the issues to be resolved is how the Humane Society will comply with a state law [Food and Agricultural Code Section 31108(b)] that requires it to allow rescue groups to take any animals that are scheduled to be euthanized.

Humane Society President Mark Goldstein announced to volunteers at an Oceanside meeting that the Humane Society would discontinue the North County practice of actively contacting rescue groups to see if they want to take dogs scheduled for euthanasia.

Goldstein also said the Humane Society only keeps animals in public view for 5 days but did not elaborate on what happens to those animals after those 5 days.

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