Monday, March 22, 2010

San Diego Humane - Talks Yield Some Favorable Results

Humane Society President Mark Goldstein agrees to release dogs set to be euthanized to 501c non-profit rescue groups as long as groups sign a waiver form.

North County Times
by staff writer Ray Huard

Elaine Godzak, a former volunteer at the Oceanside animal shelter, said that the agency was violating a 1998 state law (the Hayden Act) by refusing to release those dogs scheduled for euthanasia to rescue groups that asked to take them. Godzak hired a lawyer and threatened to take the Humane Society to court over the matter.

But while Goldstein has agreed to release these dogs to rescue groups he said it will be up to the rescue groups to find out on their own which animals are to be killed. Since the merger, he has discontinued the Oceanside shelter practice of actively contacting rescue groups before killing animals.

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